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Frances Azucena Martínez

(she/her) Heavily influenced by her Salvadoran and Dominican upbringing, spirituality has always been in the forefront of this musical being. Knowing she was queer, while growing up Christian Pentecostal, brought on many traumas, internal battles, challenges and questions that brought into fruition the idea of AlMonía: Souls in Harmony. Always seeking the spiritual community she grew up with while craving to be accepted, respected and safe as a strong, queer woman, seemed to be an impossible task. So since she couldn’t find the safe space she longed for she decided to create it with the help of other like minded members of her chosen family. AlMonía is the safe, spiritual environment we all deserve. 


Kathleen Elizabeth Atkins

Katt (She/Her) was born in Los Angeles, raised in rural Montana, spent 12 years in NYC, & is now back in Cali. She is committed to staying a student of life, continuously seeking the wonder and finding the beauty. Earth & Water are her current power elements: Flowing while Rooted. Recently, Kathleen became a level 1 certified sound practitioner, and is now offering group and private sound baths in Palm Springs, CA & the surrounding areas. She’s proud to be a Co-Founder and Director of AlMonía: Souls in Harmony and can’t wait to share and grow this community with you all.

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Adina Bloom 

Adina Bloom (she/they) is a naturally curious being whose creative explorations have been the driving force behind all of her most treasured life experiences. Adina’s longtime fascination with the body’s relationship to movement, stillness, and performance has been fostered by dance, theater school, a 200-hr yoga certification program, writing, occasional readings, appearances as drag king character Reggie, and spending as much time being active outside as possible.She is honored and humbled by the lessons the journey to develop AlMonía has already brought forth alongside her three most beloved creative partners and spiritually connected sisters. Just as much as Adina hopes to share what she’s picked up over the years with anyone who comes to AlMonía, she’s looking forward to AlMonía developing into a community that fosters the growth of your creative and spiritual development.


Sasha Hawkins

(she/they) is a queer multi-ethnic composer, poet and singer-songwriter. Growing up in Europe and stateside through the US Military system, their work is shaped by ideas of belonging and tenderness. Birth and postpartum studies, as well as their own spiritual journey have highlighted the importance of incorporating the views and voices of those who came before them. They have released music with their band Lady and the Lion, as well as a solo album.

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